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We work with individual innovators, start-ups, SMEs and health tech companies to identify and support the adoption and adaption of innovations that improve health outcomes for our population, contribute to a thriving innovation ecosystem and facilitate economic growth. In our role as the Health Innovation Network for NW London, we are commissioned by the Office for Life Science (OLS) to deliver bespoke support for innovators, particularly innovations that facilitate the delivery of the wider NW London missions

Starting with an Innovation Surgery, we will determine your alignment with local need, and where appropriate we will work to support the scale and adoption of your innovation.  

We act as collaborator and system convenor, bringing together innovators and industry with the right people in the health and social care system to support with market research, framing of value propositions, and potentially adoption.   

We are particularly interested in working with solutions that align with local priority across NW London, including Optimising Care of Long-term Conditions (starting with CVD), Enabling More Days at Home and Supporting Children and Young people’s Mental Health, as well as sustainable innovations that align with the NW London Integrated Care Board’s green priorities

From Invention to Implementation to Improvement, we’re here to realise the potential of your innovation.  

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What is an Innovation Surgery?

If you have an innovation that is ready to go to market, once you’ve completed our Company/Innovator Engagement Form, our team will get in touch to organise a bespoke, Innovation Surgery – free to all innovators as part of our commission by the Office of Life Sciences.

These 60-minute deep-dives are dedicated time for our expert team to understand your value proposition, identify your needs, and provide you with advice & guidance on progressing through your innovation journey. As a minimum, you will receive a comprehensive written follow-up for you to refer back to, as well as signposting to other organisations which can support you. Where we identify alignment with local needs/Missions, we can then work with you to explore opportunities for supporting local work in NW London.

Could this support the development, adoption and spread of your innovation? Get in touch today. 

How we’ve helped

Receiving personalized advice and critique based on our specific situation and needs was extremely helpful. It allowed us to view our project from different perspectives and further refine our plans and strategies

Tangible next steps to complete to put forwards a stronger NHS value proposition, with an invitation to come back for repeat feedback once the changes were made. Opportunities for further projects also offered via ICHP

Introductions to support pathways unknown to us and potential intros to clinicians prepared to undertake research.

Why work with us?

We are embedded within NW London health system, with strong relationships across primary, secondary and tertiary care. Our expert team, with experience across both clinical and operational specialities, are able to offer real-world insight and support with understanding of your market.  

Innovators who work with us can:  

  • Gain an increased awareness of your position on the innovation development journey 
  • Develop more influential value propositions which is informed by on-the-ground demand signalling
  • Understand the opportunities available to you across the Innovator Support Ecosystem e.g., new funding routes, dedicated evidence generation support, and incubator/accelerator programmes. 
  • Benefit from engaging with a network of networks through being one of fifteen Health Innovation Networks across England, commissioned by the Office for Life Sciences to deliver support to innovators.  

If you’ve developed a market-ready innovation that aligns with one of the NW London priority areas, we’d love to hear from you. 

Find other support

As well as our support for innovators, there are various other routes to engage with the health and social care sector or receive support with developing your solution:  

Health Tech Connect

Secure online database that connects innovators to the right people, from the right organisations, at the right time to help get technologies developed, assessed, and used as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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UK PharmaScan

Enables pharmaceutical innovators to submit their information into a database of pharmaceutical innovations accessible to UK national horizon scanning organisations as well as NHS England and NHS Improvement.

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NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA)

Offers personal development for selected individuals and bespoke support to scale innovations already in use with an existing evidence base.

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Provides cohorts of digital health companies with bespoke business support and guidance via several competitive programmes.

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Supports the development and commercialisation of healthcare innovation by providing shared spaces for collaboration, access to unique funding sources and opportunity for collaboration.

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Health Foundry

Provides a supportive eco-system and physical space for digital health startups to create and adopt scalable digital health solutions.

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MedTech Super Connector

Supports early stage development of innovative medical technologies by providing funding, training, mentorship and access to industry partners.

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NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme

Work force development programme aimed at NHS staff and healthcare professionals that supports entrepreneurial thinking and innovation; part of the Accelerated Access Collaborative.

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