About ICHP

About Imperial College Health Partners

ICHP is a partnership organisation bringing together NHS providers of healthcare services, across our local Integrated Care System and universities across North West London.

We are also the designated health innovation network for North West London and host of the Discover-NOW health data research hub for real world evidence.

We were created by the NHS to support complex change across the health and care sector – innovating and collaborating for a healthier population.

ICHP is part of the NHS family and our success is the success of our partners. At the same time, we are sufficiently removed from the daily pressures of the health and care system enabling us to provide a fresh perspective, headspace and a bridge into other sectors and industries.

We are therefore uniquely placed to understand the challenges within the NHS, its structures, processes, policies and culture and help solve complex problems. Our team of diverse and committed experts have the tools, networks and skills to quickly understand and tackle these challenges.

We are motivated by our values of creating high quality impact, asking the difficult questions and bringing together the right people to solve a challenge. We are determined to deliver the highest quality of service to help our clients deliver more effective and efficient health and care to their populations.