The North West London Missions

To have more impact through innovation, the NW London Research & Innovation Board, consisting of senior representatives from across NW London’s ICS, academic institutions, and R&I bodies, has established that across all of its organisations, we need to focus the work we do together on a smaller number of priorities. Working collaboratively on these priorities, aligned with the wider NW London strategy, is where, evidence shows, collective effort can lead to bigger gains. The NW London Integrated Care System (ICS) is calling this defined and deliberate portfolio of innovation projects – which will help the system address a small number of major priorities for health improvement – the NW London Missions.

A Mission-led approach encourages a more systematic use of research and innovation as a fundamental feature of how we do our work. Focused on a more defined number of system priorities that have the potential to benefit from innovation, the NWL Missions have been identified as:


Optimising Care of Long-Term Conditions (starting with Cardiovascular Disease)

Mission goal: By March 2029, we will have prevented 25% of heart attacks and strokes in NWL, whilst actively addressing health inequalities.


Enabling More Days
at Home

Mission goal: By 2026, our health & care system will enable 50,000 residents to spend 180,000 more days at home, with the right support for them and their families.


Supporting Children and Young People’s Mental Health

Mission goal: By 2026, CYP will have equitable, timely, and accessible care services that best promote mental wellbeing. CYP in NW London will not experience avoidable mental health crises due to inequality, stigma or inaccessible care.

The Mission approach will allow NW London to spread and scale some of these pockets of success so that even more of our population benefits. As the innovation arm of the NW London ICS, ICHP has been commissioned to facilitate the coordination and collaboration of this new Mission-led model.

Working collaboratively across our NW London ecosystem on a smaller number of projects for a longer duration, with a focus on delivering greater impact, is how our system will focus on delivering sustainable innovation.

What does innovation look like in North West London?

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