Urgent care in London engagement programme

Published findings from the ICHP and Ipsos dialogue and deliberation engagement process to better understand public, patient & staff expectations around urgent care services.

There is a national ambition to transform urgent and emergency care (UEC). London wants to improve people’s experiences of receiving care through ensuring that policy and change proposals are more transformative and innovative, working with Integrated Care Systems (ICSs), healthcare professionals, as well as citizens to shape services. This is a complex agenda, with multiple interests and issues that need to be considered as part of any pathway redesign and therefore requires the involvement of both Londoners and staff in a deliberative process.

Imperial College Health Partners and Ipsos were commissioned by NHS England and Improvement (London region) to design and deliver a dialogue and deliberation engagement process to understand public, patient and staff expectations around urgent care services, in particular the trade-offs these may create, to inform future decision making. Building on previous public deliberation exercises in London, this work continues to develop a different type of relationship with Londoners, understanding people’s hopes, fears, and expectations in relation to how care is provided across the Capital.