Case study: Creating a network of Champions to improve CVD care

Partners: NW London ICB

The CVD Champions programme was initiated in June ‘23 to identify, train, and support a network of healthcare professionals committed to improving the prevention, detection, diagnosis, and management of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) across the eight NW London Boroughs. Initially funded by the Collaborative Lipids Fund for nine months, the programme was subsequently integrated into Mission 1 (optimising care for CVD).  

The programme aimed to address a need for more effective ways of working, increased connection between Primary, Secondary and Community partners, and systematic evaluation, in relation to CVD care across the eight Boroughs. This case for change recognised that while there are many existing interventions to tackle CVD, fragmentation of services and limited connection across Boroughs means that best practice and innovation is often not shared or evaluated.  

Since June ‘23 eight CVD Champions (one per Borough) have been recruited to lead facilitation for the implementation, dissemination, and scaling of effective approaches to support CVD ambitions in NW London, aligned with the Mission. Their role includes leading the development of Borough CVD strategies; promoting awareness and use of NW London data assets to support preventative care, monitoring and treatment; highlighting national guidance for lipid management; and supporting Lipid Multidisciplinary Teams . CVD Champions received a programme of support, including structured education sessions, access to and training in data use, and access to expert advice via the NW London CVD Executive Leadership Group.  

100% of programme participants reported feeling positive about the overall experience of being a CVD Champion, and that the programme equipped them to identify and initiate improvement and innovation projects aligned to Borough CVD priorities. In its first year, the CVD Champions programme has created the following impact:  

  • Demand for Inclisiran – a cholesterol-lowering treatment – has increased by 93%* since embedding CVD Champions (June ‘23 – Jan ‘24) 
  • Implementation of a remote blood pressure service across Westminster   
  • 650 patients in Harrow who would not normally access the GP, tested for high blood pressure    
  • New search developed in Harrow to identify Black and Black British patients on the hypertension register but not yet treated 0.2% (263 people out of 120,045) increase in hypertension prevalence (increased detection) in Hillingdon    
  • Implementation of a health passport in Hillingdon which includes BMI and blood pressure data, plus prevention support   
  • Funding secured to extend the CVD Champions programme until end of September ‘24 

Find out more about the programme and our CVD Champions here.

“An excellent programme which has allowed collaboration and enhancement of services across NWL.” CVD Champion  

“In Harrow, we have progressed on doing hypertension case-finding in salons and hairdressers. This wouldn’t have progressed without the support of the clinical lead reassuring all the providers about the pathway. She has been instrumental in implementation of this project. We have also picked up gaps in Heart failure pathway and we are addressing it together.” Borough Managing Director