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Sheriece Bracey
Sheriece Bracey

Sheriece Bracey, ICHP’s lead for the Q programme, on why signing up for Q could be for you.

With the NHS serving over 50 million patients it’s important to make room to improve and  help each other do our jobs better.

One simple way to do that is through the Q programme; an initiative connecting health and care improvement experts across the UK to share ideas, enhance skills and collaborate.

Fostering sustainable improvement in health

Q was created by the Health Foundation and supported and co-funded by NHS Improvement.

The idea behind it is to provide sustained and scalable support for individuals and their existing improvement work, connecting them with other initiatives and networks. The mission is to’ Foster continuous and sustainable improvement in health and care.’

To achieve this, the Health Foundation is creating opportunities for people to come together and form a community to share ideas, enhance skills, and collaborate to make health and care better.

Q in North West London

We recently launched Q in North West London and are seeking front line health and social care staff, patient leaders, managers, commissioners, researchers, policymakers, and others to join. All members of the community bring unique perspectives to drive innovation and practical problem-solving.

As a network of support for those already knowledgeable in improvement Q has no membership fee or minimum time commitment. It’s designed to support busy people (you!) with their current improvement work, on-going development and promote their visibility as a leader of improvement.

What Q people think, so far…

Sibyelle Erdmann, Patient Leader, says:

In Q, I have found a way to bring together my professional skills and my new vocation. It is so enriching to spend time in this active dialogue on how to make healthcare better, no matter what perspective you speak from – the medical or the user’s. Thank you, Q.”

Andrea Gibbons, Improvement Coach and PhD Student, says:

The combined workforce of the NHS is incredible, and there is almost always someone else who has been faced with the same challenge (or opportunity) and whose experience could help us, if only we could find them.  We all share a common set of challenges, and are running similar improvement projects in parallel, in whatever part of the healthcare system we work.  There is a fantastic opportunity for us to collaborate, and Q is a great way of facilitating these connections. So far, I have had the privilege of being able to contribute to the Q knowledge management strategy and share my ideas for the Q community with the Health Foundation”

Joining Q

Q is full of people who want to help each other do their jobs better and there’s a growing list of activities to get involved in; with more opportunities being tested with members, and numerous ways for people to connect, mobilise, develop and support each other.

We’re partnering with the Health Foundation to grow the community in North West London. We need you to get involved. For more information:

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