Poster: Comparison of Costs Associated with Turp and Prostatic Urethral Lift for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

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Author: Orlowski A, Wilkins J, Kayes O.

Imperial College Health Partners, London, United Kingdom, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, Leeds, United Kingdom

Date of publication: May 2018

Key conculsions

  • Durability of the treatment is similar for TURP and PUL, but the postoperative complication and medical re-treatment profiles differ
  • PUL is associated with very low rate of complications, most of which are mild to moderate in severity and resolve within 2–4 weeks
  • Increasing experience with PUL procedures, which is associated with increased numbers of procedures performed under local anaesthetic and rapidity of recovery, is likely to improve outcomes further (Poster Figure 2)
  • For a similar procedural cost, PUL could reduce complications, improve quality of life, and substantially reduce post-surgical care costs compared with current standard TURP practice

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