How data hubs are revolutionising our use of data

Unlocking the power of health care data to fuel innovation in medical research and improve patient care is at the heart of today’s health care revolution. A recent EY global health report report estimated that, if the 55 million patient records held by the NHS today could be translated into curated data sets, the benefits that could be unlocked could have a valuation of several billion pounds per year. Our Discover-NOW hub for real world evidence is aiming to do just this.

Discover-NOW is part of a group of health data research hubs, which were set up as part of a £37million investment from the Government to create a UK-wide system for the safe and responsible use of health-related data on a large scale. Led by Health Data Research UK (HDR UK), the seven hubs bring expertise in different areas including cancer, real world evidence, eye disease, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. Individually and together, they are working to support earlier diagnosis, the discovery of new treatments and more efficient health management systems, all of which have the potential to transform patient lives and improve health outcomes.  

Discover-NOW was recently asked by MedCity to join two other hubs, DATA-CAN and INSIGHT, in an online event to talk about ‘All matters data and all data matters’. 

ICHP Director Amanda Lucas, and Business Development Lead Dusan Saska, shared their insights at the event, which gave an introduction to the health data research hubsand how they are working with industry, academia and health services to contribute to the health of the nation. 

If you missed the event you can watch the full recording here or read this summary from MedCity.