Evaluation Report: Diabetes Digital Behaviour Change Programmes: North West London Pilot

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Author: Dr Wayne Smith, Imperial College Health Partners

Date of publication: 26 March 2018

Key points
• This study compared three smartphone-based digital behaviour change programmes lasting 8 to 12 weeks for patients with Type 2 Diabetes
(T2DM): Changing Health, OurPath and Oviva Diabetes Support.
• All three programmes resulted in mean improvements in clinical measures relevant to T2DM (weight, BMI, HbA1c and blood pressure).
• Differences between the three programmes for clinical outcomes were marginal. Patients on Oviva Diabetes Support had the largest
improvements in HbA1c and blood pressure. Patients on OurPath had the largest improvements in BMI.
• Patient feedback on all three digital behaviour programmes was generally positive, although access to a compatible smartphone was a barrier for some.
• Completion rates appeared to be much higher for the digital behaviour change programmes than for face-to-face diabetes structured education.
• Within the limitations of this pilot, results support the wider use of smartphone apps for delivering structured diabetes education.