Discover – our new health research register for North West London!

We have now launched Discover – our new health research register for North West London!

What is Discover?

If you live in North West London, then Discover is your opportunity to contribute to health research. Often people who want to contribute to this kind of research (whether they’re unwell or not) don’t know where to start or who to ask. Researchers have a similar problem – they want to improve healthcare, but sometimes can’t find people to participate in studies.

Discover is a way to bridge this gap, bringing the public and researchers together. It is a register of any adults (18 and over) living in North West London who are interested in health research and want to find out more about health research opportunities. The register is for both healthy people and those with a medical condition.

Health research that you may be able to participate in can range from answering surveys, to having your blood tested, to testing new and innovative medical devices and phone apps and sometimes even participating in clinical trials.

How will Your Information Be Used?

NHS and academic researchers can search unidentifiable health information to find people who may be suitable for health research opportunities. If you have joined Discover and they think you are a good match for their study, the researcher can ask the Discover team to re-identify you – the researcher will not be able to do this.More information about how this works.

Who Can Identify Me?

Only the Discover team will be able to see information that identifies you, for example your name and contact details. Your full medical record cannot be seen. Once you are re-identified, the Discover team will contact you about the research opportunity. Only if you are interested in finding out more, will the Discover team pass your contact details on to the health researcher who will get in touch with you to discuss the opportunity further. Read more information about how your information is used.

This simple animated video explains how the process works:


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How Does Discover Work? from Imperial College Health Partners on Vimeo.

Why is Health Research Important?

Health research is vital to improving the quality of healthcare and people’s health. With your help, we can improve healthcare services in North West London and beyond, and find better ways to treat and prevent illness and disease.

How can I get involved?

You can join the Discover register online at the website, or by completing a hard copy leaflet and posting it back to us – downloadable here. Do come and follow us on Twitter  and Facebook too, to hear about the latest news! If you have any enquiries about the register, please don’t hesitate to contact Jess Henderson or Amanda Lucas from the Discover team on

We will also be out and about in North West London promoting Discover, speaking at events, and we will also be running an advertising campaign on Facebook and other online platforms. It has been great to talk to members of the public about Discover, and recent event highlights have included exhibiting at Queens Park Rangers’ Community Day and the Patients First: Pioneering Partnerships research event hosted by the Association of British  Pharmaceutical Industries (ABPI) and the Association of Medical Research Charites (AMRC).

We look forward to hopefully meeting you soon!