Academic Health Science Networks Stakeholder Research 2016

Today, Monday 21 November 2016, Imperial College Health Partners (ICHP) publishes its 2016 stakeholder survey.

View the full survey.

The survey, commissioned by NHS England and conducted by YouGov, was launched across all 15 Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) during August and closed mid-September.

We were pleased to see that we more than doubled our response rate from last year, receiving 144 responses in total. Those completing the survey ranged from NHS and academic partners, patients and public representatives, industry and the third sector. There was notable increased engagement from CCGs and industry completing this year’s survey compared to 2015.

Of those responding, over 94% felt that their relationship with ICHP had either improved or stayed the same over the last year, and they see most value added by our work around the identification, adoption and spread of innovation.

Some of the results were not as positive as we expected and reflect the need for development and change in areas we have already identified. These include:

  1. Become a learning organisation with a clear change model to respond to the complexity of transformation needed across North West London;
  2. Aligning more with local STP priorities to deliver value to our partners by delivering their agenda;
  3. Developing a clearly understood offer for partners and industry; one that enables the full range of transformation – from incremental to radical change – by utilising all of our Partnership’s assets;
  4. Utilising pan-London, national and international programmes and networks to have access to innovation initiatives to scout rapidly for solutions to local need;
  5. Streamlining formal governance requirements to create more space for genuine systems leadership work to build the necessary relational capital for transformative change.

The results of the survey reinforce the need for change in the above, especially around the articulation of our offer and alignment to local sector priorities. They also highlight the need to continue to ensure a strong focus on quality of work and positive customer perception.

View the national report aggregating all of the results from the 15 AHSNs.