Showcasing the value of real world data

Imperial College Health Partners continues to drive the international conversation in using real world data analysis to create impactful healthcare insights.

Our team showcased their work on helping healthcare providers find undiagnosed Atrial Fibrillation (AF) cases at the online International Society of Pricing and Outcomes Research’s European conference (ISPOR Europe 2020), from November 16 -19.

Our work, displayed as a poster, features research done using the Anticoagulant Value Optimisation Tool, which ICHP developed in partnership with NHS RightCare. The tool allows Clinical Commissioning Groups in England to view and analyse gaps in AF detection and treatment pathways. The tool can be used to support business cases to implement measures to close the gaps and includes DOAC and Warfarin prescribing data.

Nearly 1.5 million people in England are thought to have AF – a common form of heart rhythm disorder which significantly increases your risk of a stroke – but 25% of people are thought to live with it undiagnosed.

The Tableau build for the tool was funded by Daiichi Sankyo, but the company had no input in the tool’s methodology.

Annette Arnold, ICHP Senior Innovation Manager – Medicines Optimisation, said: “With so many people in England living with undiagnosed AF, we have used intelligent data analysis to make it easier for CCGs to identify the gaps in detection and treatment.

“We hope that this will provide a valuable tool for healthcare providers in making the business case to address the gaps and prevent strokes.”

View the poster here

ICHP’s submission was awarded by ISPOR for being in the top 10% for its average review score at the conference.

The conference submission demonstrates an example of ICHP’s ongoing work in the real world evidence space, which includes hosting Discover-NOW, the Health Data Research Hub for Real World Evidence. Discover-NOW aims to revolutionise the way health data is used responsibly for research into treating and preventing disease. It brings together NHS organisations, globally recognised academic, industry, technology, research and charity partners as well as patients and the public focussed on the use of real-world health data for research.