Cardiovascular disease

As a North West London health system we have agreed ambitions to improve population health and to tackle inequalities.

Our CVD programme is an extension of this approach: we want all patients to get the right care, in the right place, at the right time.​​

Our Cardiovascular offer

ICHP as the designated Health Innovation Network for North West London and innovation partner to NWL ICB is supporting a population health management approach to improve experience, outcomes and reduce inequalities. Our support offer is focused on:  

  • Inequalities – targeting interventions to specifically address inequalities in access, treatment and outcomes. For example using the Core20plus5 framework 
  • Intelligence – using the comprehensive data infrastructure in NWL to identify and prevent care gaps 
  • Incentives – aligning incentives to interventions that make the right thing the rewarding thing to do 
  • Information: effective use and application of information infrastructure such as WSIC to CVD care 

In the last few years ICHP has supported a number of linked projects, all with the aim of improving detection, optimising treatments and reducing inequalities. These include:  

  • Lipid pilot: integrating MDT work in primary and secondary care 
  • Blood Pressure Optimisation 
  • Supporting proactive case finding for lipid management and hypertension 

How we help



1. Detection

Supporting system partners to ensure adoption and spread of evidence-based, proactive, case finding approaches and improving awareness 





2. Protection

Supporting and facilitating increased uptake of evidence-based therapies for eligible patients 






3. Perfection

Enabling the spread and adoption of treatment approaches that ensure optimal treatment for CVD conditions including access to novel therapies. 



Our work in hypertension

Our work in Lipid Management

Our work in Atrial Fibrillation

Not only is cardiovascular disease one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality, but it is contributing to the worsening health inequalities. A collective focus on proactive care and prevention will support us to improve patient outcomes for everyone in our diverse North West London population.

Dr Neville Purssell

NWL ICB Cardiology page

Further Cardiology guidance for Primary Care can be found at the North West London ICS website

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