Preventing strokes through smart remote monitoring

By taking vitals readings in a patients’ own home and sharing them real time with their GP or other dedicated healthcare professional, the remote monitoring solutions offered by neoHealthTech allow patients to manage conditions such as Paroxysmal and Atrial Fibrillation and catch complications before they occur.

The industry innovator approached Imperial College Health Partners looking to offer a complete remote monitoring solution pathway to the NHS and seeking our help in connecting them with the right organisations.

How we helped

Support from idea to inception

As part of our offer for industry, we don’t just connect innovators with the NHS, we provide the advice and support they need to understand the needs and complexities of the system and to define their value proposition to providers.

Through our Innovation Exchange work, we were able to offer unique insights which helped neoHealthTech develop a unique pathway, solving system issues and bringing innovative remote monitoring solutions to North West London.

The result

Helping prevent strokes

Supported by Imperial College Health Partners, neoHealthTech were able to introduce their wearable Holter monitoring to patients in the stroke unit at Hillingdon Hospital. The device kit helps to monitor and search for a number of related long term conditions such as Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation. The aim of the device is to prevent stroke as well as reduce the number of unnecessary referrals, which improves efficiencies and capacity as well as reducing burden.


Our AF detection solution with QardioCore allows a full virtual and contact free solution. The solution provides heart rhythm data in real time and allows for a patient to wear the device until an irregular detection is observed.

“Our joint venture partner Capitol Medicare are a CQC registered organisation run by cardiologists allowing for a verified report with 24 hours of a patient completing the test.

“The benefits of this solution have been seen within the Stroke Unit at Hillingdon Hospital where patients have been placed on our solution leading to rapid analysis, diagnosis and treatment. Earlier diagnosis can result in stroke prevention resulting in efficiency savings, improvement in capacity, reduction in burden and above all saving patient lives.”

Amit BhandariManaging Director, neoHealthTech


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