National Carer’s Week: how does being an unpaid carer impact health conditions in NWL

The health of unpaid carers has declined significantly since the Covid-19 pandemic. 64% of them reported a decline in mental health and 56% in physical health as a result of the pandemic.   

In our role as a partner in the North West London (NWL) Networked Data Lab (NDL), a group of organisations across healthcare (including Imperial College Health Partners, Imperial College London and NWL Integrated Care System) commissioned by The Health Foundation, we’ve been investigating how being an unpaid carer affects health outcomes.

This Carer’s Week, and ahead of the publication of our full report, we’re sharing some of our key findings from analysis of both data in Discover (the de-identified linked dataset for NWL) and our involvement and engagement work with unpaid carers in our population.

Further analysis will be published in our satellite analysis report later this summer, which has also been alongside analysis from other labs across the country to build a more accurate national picture.

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If you have any questions about our infographic, report or the work of the Networked Data Lab, please get in touch with Matthew Chisambi, Associate Director, ICHP.