To improve the attractiveness and effectiveness of North West London (NWL) as a place to conduct clinical operational research.

This means that:

  • There is a simplified process of recruiting patients across NWL into clinical research
  • There is a single database for Sarcoid patients, enabling research into a rare condition
  • Industry is better supported to understand the research sector in NWL

Latest News

Matching Industry with Research Organisations
December 6, 2016 by Natalie Hudson


NWL has an impressive research infrastructure with a BRU,CLAHRC, CRN and AHSC. However researchers and industry alike struggle to access this complex system other than through individual recruiting clinicians who are constrained by capacity. Patients, clinicians and researchers therefore often struggle to find one another, preventing the development of a thriving research ecosystem. Our programme aims to address these issues.


"Discover" register
  • Create an online Consent to Contact (C2C) register of
    patients interested in being contacted about relevant
    research, enabling direct recruitment into trials

  • Illustrate feasibility of proposed trials by enabling
    researchers to easily identify suitable patients
Rare disease database
  • Develop a Sarcoid database, enabling academia and
    industry to identify biomarkers and treatments for rare
    respiratory diseases.
  • Collate data from NWL NIHR research bodies to identify
    the size and capability of research in NWL

  • Develop a web-based widget of NWL NIHR research bodies
    that both promotes research capability in the sector
    and signposts industry to relevant research bodies

Desired outcomes

  • Clinical institutions collaborate and share patient registrars for mutual benefit
  • Industry understands the research sector in NWL
  • Patients actively engage with their healthcare, including participating in research targeted specifically at their needs
  • Residents and health providers have an active role in clinical research, either through enrolment or study design
  • Around 50,000 patients have provided centralised consent to being contacted regarding clinical research
  • Research opportunities are capitalised on in NWL in terms of scale and research and development (R&D) income, by improving the ‘recruitment’ process of patients into research