High Impact Intervention Tool: Cholesterol Management for Primary Care

Supporting you to improve your CVD outcomes

This Cholesterol High Impact Intervention Tool has been developed to support Primary Care and NHS system leaders and healthcare practitioners to measure the value of identifying and treating patients with hypercholesterolaemia.

The annual cost of CVD in England is estimated at £7.4 billion, with an additional £15.8 billion to the wider economy (PHE 2022). CVD predominantly affects people in deprived communities who are four times more likely to die prematurely from CVD related diseases (PHE 2022). Optimal lipid management is one of the five clinical areas of focus of the national NHS England approach to inform action to reduce healthcare inequalities (Core20PLUS5).

The tool can be used to identify the opportunity gap at each stage of the lipid management pathway and calculate the clinical and financial impact that could be created by addressing detection gaps, treatment gaps and monitoring gaps in your local population. 

The High Impact Intervention Tool has been designed to support you to understand how many of your patients are eligible for improved lipid management. 

Example of the High Impact Intervention tool


Built with North West London (NWL) data using the secure data environment, Discover-NOW, the tool allows you to review where the benefits would be realised both in clinical outcomes and financial impact for three areas for intervention: detection, treatment and monitoring. 

In the tool, you will find information about how the tool came about, further instructions for how to use it and references of all the data acquired. NWL clinicians can also access a bespoke data picture by selecting their Primary Care Network in the drop down menu in the tool. 

Note: The Tool does not include Bempedoic Acid, Inclisiran and Icosapent-Ethyl as these treatments were more recently approved (after the analysis period 2015-2020) and included within the AAC -NICE Lipid Management Pathway and as such there is limited real world evidence, including outcomes data to allow for health economic modelling.


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Transfer of values disclosure

Innovating for a healthier population means bringing together the right people, organisations, and capabilities, required for transformation and complex change. As such, we work with a range of partners from across industry, academia, and healthcare to deliver maximum impact.

ICHP’s overarching funding comes from NHS England and the Government’s Office for Life Sciences. For some programmes of work, where appropriate, we develop joint working agreements with commercial organisations. This is particularly relevant in our role as host of the Discover-NOW health data research hub for real world evidence.

Amgen provided financial support to develop the High Impact Intervention Tool, which uses NWL Discover data, a deidentified version of NWL’s Whole System Integrated Care (WSIC) dataset. The data holds de-identified linked coded primary care, secondary, acute, mental health, community health and social care record for over 2.5 million patients who live and are registered with a GP in NWL.

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