How does our business intelligence team make a difference to population health and patient outcomes?

Lauren Hiribarne, Business Manager for the business intelligence, explains how the skills, expertise and passion within ICHP’s business intelligence team make a difference to population health and patient outcomes.

At ICHP we are all motivated by unlocking the potential of innovation in healthcare and we do this by helping to solve challenges through collaboration across the health sector. Business intelligence has a vital role to play and we are continually building and using our expertise to enable this goal.

The business intelligence team aims to enable partners and customers to make the most effective use of the data that is available to them – whether this is their own or that which is publicly available – and explore what this data is telling them.

From that, we help identify potential opportunities to support change and innovation within the health sector and improve the health of our population.

When I joined ICHP it was clear that I would be leading a very special group of people who are experts in their respective fields and who all share a genuine passion to make a tangible positive difference to healthcare. It has been great to see the work I’m doing have a positive impact on how the team functions and hopefully it will translate into an even more successful, yet equally happy, team in the future.

It’s a bit of a change from my previous job, which was an operational and delivery role where I led specific projects for customers. At ICHP I have a broad global team view to make sure customers are happy while the team works efficiently but still maintains that all important work-life balance.

The autonomy that ICHP gives each team member allows us all to grow quickly. The team’s specialisms and backgrounds combine unique insights and global thinking with real-life experience in the NHS. The skills diversity includes database expertise and data analytics alongside health economics and population health analytics. The types of projects the team works on are valuable and make a real difference, and that is very rewarding.

While the team members are extremely bright and hugely valued for their work, they are also a very humble bunch and I think this pushes everyone to give the best of themselves.

At ICHP we have unrivalled access to local and national data, which provides our health economists and analysts with the real-world data they need to produce impactful and insightful business cases, dashboards and models. With access to all publicly available data as well as the innovative North West London dataset WSIC, we can respond to the most complex of requests while providing a comprehensive service to cover all our clients’ needs.

We always look at the most effective way to present our findings so they are relatable to the audience. It’s important that actionable information is delivered in the most appropriate way and we can do this using a wide variety of platforms thanks to the skills within the team.

Collaborative work is a major theme for us and as well as collaborations with the NHS, we work with universities inside and outside North West London, SMEs, and charities among others. We’ve also recently started an exciting new partnership with an international organisation looking at applying our learnings from piloting integrated care systems outside the UK.

When collaborating, all parties expand their knowledge and gain insight so we’re pleased to be providing two Department of Health analysts with honorary ICHP contracts for them to work on projects on our premises to identify vulnerable groups in North West London. Sharing expertise and working together in this way is the route to improving the quality, efficiency, and equity of the care that is being delivered.

Our wide range of backgrounds and a mutual passion for quality improvement mean we have a deep understanding of how, through innovation, organisations can really make a difference for patients.

Essentially, we support teams who require rigorous and robust analysis with expert insight by providing statistical, economic and scenario modelling. As an NHS partner working closely with NHS trusts and CCGs we understand the complexity of the organisation and we take great pride in using data to address health economics topics while keeping the patient at the heart of what we’re trying to achieve.

Lauren Hiribarne has an extensive background in business insight and project management which is invaluable in her role leading the BI team to meet tight deadlines whilst maintaining professional working relationships and networks.