Eleri Jones Main

OnPurpose Associate


Eleri joined ICHP on a six-month placement as an associate with OnPurpose. Before joining OnPurpose, Eleri spent the last seven years at Fuller’s, most recently as Operations Manager in the hotel division overseeing 11 hotels with a turnover of £16m, 11 direct reports and a wider team of 250.

She is also a trustee for Refugee Cafe, a fledgling charity with a mission to help local refugees find independence through support into employment whilst providing a meeting and eating place for everyone. She recently led their crowdfunding campaign to help build a home for Refugee Cafe, which surpassed the fundraising target by 75%.

Eleri has a Physics degree from the University of Warwick and, in her spare time, loves to cook, exercise, and be in/on/by the sea with excellent company.