Patient safety


To support North West London (NWL) organisations to embed safety in every aspect of their work.

This means:

  • Patient and carer views are heard at all levels as critical indicator of safety
  • There is a strong ethic of team learning and a shared responsibility for patient safety
  • There is transparent North West London-wide data on patient safety
  • Organisations are supported to adopt and diffuse best practice in patient safety


Around 8-12% of hospital admissions are associated with one or more adverse events (injury caused during medical management).

To prevent such incidents occurring and to create a proactive safety culture, the Berwick report recommends a number of actions including patient and carer voice being heard at all levels in organisations, NHS organisations developing a learning culture and sharing of best practice, and also all organisations recognising the importance of data transparency. Our programme aims to address these areas.


Quality and Safety
Champion Network
  • Develop network of patient safety champions to be
    involved with the work of our NW London partners and
  • Support members to develop skills needed to be effective
junior doctor
  • Diffuse local best practice across seven partner trusts, improving
    feedback and learning from prescribing errors
System safety
  • Develop observatory of safety-relevant data across local
    health system to provide a holistic and predictive picture
    of system safety
Pressure ulcer
  • Diffuse pressure ulcer prevention and management best
    practice across NWL
  • Engage with health and social care providers in a
    pressure ulcer prevention strategy / campaign
Teamwork and culture
  • Develop initiative to promote openness and candour at
    work amongst NWL staff

Desired outcomes

  • To improve the quality of prescribing amongst junior doctors
  • To increase the number of partner organisations and care homes delivering best practice pressure ulcer prevention services/ strategies
  • To develop patient safety champion capabilities within organisations
  • To increase the number of member organisations with active patient safety engagement programmes
  • To improve collaboration and opportunities for continual learning
  • To spread adoption of the Health Foundation Patient Safety Framework
  • To build an agreed best-practice set of measures to define patient safety
  • To improve team working and culture, resilience and wellbeing, in order to reduce absenteeism and improve patient care