Patient flow


To speed up discharge of North West London (NWL) patients from acute settings into the community, helping to free up bed capacity in hospitals and improve patient experience

This means:

  • Understanding how A&Es function across NWL, including blockages on an organisational and system-wide level
  • The operational efficiency of patient flow across NWL is improved
  • Identifying innovation and best practice which could be applied to the bottlenecks to improve performance and ease pressures on local A&E departments

Latest News

Patient flow workshop - Monday 12 September
September 6, 2016 by Natalie Hudson


There are many challenges around patient flow, particularly in A&E attendance and hospital discharge. Increasing attendances, admissions and issues around discharge mean that local trusts are struggling to meet key targets such as the A&E 4 hour wait and the recommended bed occupancy of 85%. To support a more joined-up approach to capacity management, ICHP is co-producing a programme of work with our four acute trusts to address patient flow.


GP Access
  • Engage with primary care and other relevant stakeholders
    to understand the barriers to GP access
  • Engage with patients to understand why they attend A&E
    instead of making use of local services
  • Identify innovation or best practice to resolve problems
    which emerge from the above review
  • Understand the drivers for increased ambulance
    attendance in NWL
  • Review how as a system, increased ambulance
    attendance can be managed more effectively using
    existing best practice and innovation
  • Identify the biggest common issues relating to discharge
    of patients from hospital across NWL
  • Identify innovation or best practice to address the
    challenges identified

Desired Outcomes

  • Access to the right healthcare (emergency or primary care) is ensured for
    patients across NWL
  • Generation and publication of cross provider case studies
  • Move towards a mechanism for sharing best practice across NWL on a regular basis to drive a culture of continuous improvement
  • Reduced pressure on acute care by ensuring full and appropriate service utilisation across NWL with the aim of improving performance against key indicators including; 4 hour target, bed occupancy, ambulance handover time