International development


To generate income, research opportunities and workforce development for North West London (NWL).

This means:

  • We will work with overseas partners to generate income, research opportunities and workforce
    development for NWL as well as greater standardisation of care
  • Supporting the sustainability of private patient activity in London


There is growing demand for NHS services and expertise outside the UK, and the export of health services is a governmental priority. At the same time, a number of ICHP member organisations derive income from international private patient activity. However, international activity across ICHP members varies substantially and is currently uncoordinated and potentially missing synergies and economies of scale to enable greater impact. Our programme aims to address these issues.


exchange network
  • Create an informal NWL network to exchange market and
    business intelligence
Support for
  • Explore the creation of a central function to facilitate
    international observerships more effectively
Development of
pro-active offerings
  • Develop a set of ‘offers in a box’ to proactively sell abroad
  • Respond to demand for ‘concierge’ service for private
    patients in London

Desired Outcomes

  • Domestic care outcomes are improved though care standardisation necessary to provide international offer
  • Opportunities and information are shared across a trusted NWL network
  • Partners have expertise in executing international opportunities
  • Knowledge is generated from research opportunities
  • Generate direct (proactive sell of offers, educational income, sustaining private patient income) and indirect (e.g. research) income
  • Improved operational efficiency

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