Mental and physical wellbeing


To ensure people with mental health illnesses in North West London (NWL) receive evidence based, best practice care, improving lives and outcomes.

This means:

  • An understanding is developed of the current parity of esteem research landscape, and best practice gaps are identified
  • An established party of esteem best practice is embedded and variation in care is reduced
  • We support the health system to provide whole-person healthcare, improving the mental
    and physical health needs of patients
  • Causes of ill health as well as symptoms are addressed (e.g. social isolation and comorbidities)


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There is relatively very little research into the physical health of those experiencing mental health conditions; what does exist indicates that work needs to be done on the ‘parity of esteem’ between physical and mental health, highlighted by NHSE and the STP. To improve the health of people in NWL, ICHP will undertake a series of programmes to support the parity of esteem agenda by supporting further research, highlighting best practice and ultimately improving the physical and emotional wellbeing of those living with long term conditions.


Implementation of
new psychosis care
pathway for NWL
  • Implement co-designed, early intervention psychosis
    pathway which sets out standards for care including
    appointment waiting times and other measures
Improving health and wellbeing of
people with
common mental
health needs and
long term
  • Ensure integration of physical and mental health at
    community, primary and secondary care levels through
    diffusing evidence based interventions and reducing
    variation in care
  • Deliver workforce development for teams
  • Improve mental health aspect of joint strategic needs
Improving physical
health of patients
with Serious Mental
  • Agree gap in NWL against current delivery and
    imminently expected ‘Stolen Years’ guidance – using this
    gap analysis to define further work required to deliver
    best practice and improve outcomes
Addressing social
isolation in
vulnerable patients
  • Define and implement evidence-based interventions
    which have maximum impact on reducing social isolation
    and the associated risks and impact on individuals and
    the health and social care system
Reducing risk of
suicide across the
  • Implement evidence based interventions across of
    ‘always events’ care bundles to prevent suicide and
    training to improve staff capability for risk identification,
    engaging with clients on emotional level and coproducing
    care plans

Desired Outcomes

  • Professionals are confident in delivering mental and physical health interventions as defined in best practices
  • Improved (physical and mental) health outcomes (measures agreed for each work stream)
  • Those involved in mental and physical health collaborate to agree best practices and implementation in North West London
  • Ensures a robust evidence base a high level of ambition for mental health transformation in North West London
  • Reduced cost of health and social care (measures to be agreed for each work stream)