AF Intervention

The ‘Atrial Fibrillation (AF) Intervention’ is a collection of all our  AF projects. We have analysed the different sections of the AF pathway and identified areas for improvement.

Pop-up Workshops

We hosted pop-up workshops, connecting clinicians, industry and patients to make AF treatment better in North West London. The pop-ups promote innovations and bring the parties together for an open discussion on what needs to improve. Further information about the workshops.


In 2017 we looked at interoperability challenges for data flow in the AF pathway. We mapped the current AF innovation pathway and looked at gaps and limitations impacting smooth data management and flow. In phase two we identified how the potential pathway would look and worked with interested CCG partners to adopt a model pathway.

AF Masterclass

In early 2017 we organised an AF Masterclass, upskilling GPs and improving approaches on how to detect and deal with AF patients. This programme was launched in Brent and GPs from 60% its’ practices in attended. In future the AF  Masterclasses will be delivered across all CCGs in NW London, with plans to have follow-up sessions. AF experts in Primary and Secondary Care, (including Dr. Yassir Javaid (Cardiovascular Clinical Lead, NENE CCG), Ravi Assomull (Consultant Cardiologist at London North West Healthcare NHS Trust) and Mr. Joseph Tomson (Cardiologist, Royal Free)) led the sessions.

Pan London AF Toolkit

The Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), providers and London  AHSN Network are working in partnership with the London Stroke Clinical Network (LCN) to deliver a pan-London approach to reducing AF-related strokes. To ensure all commissioners and providers are aware of existing initiatives and accompanying resources, a pan-London toolkit is being launched that brings together a series of practical tools and case studies to inform those working on an AF project.

Further information on our work in AF how you can support your AF strategy in North West London, contact Anthony Anandan, (