Postgraduate Innovation Module FAQ

This page presents some of the Frequently Asked Questions we receive about the ICHP and Buckinghamshire New University Postgraduate Innovation Module.

1. Will I have to pay the fees for this course?

No. If you are offered a place fees will be paid by Imperial College Health Partners.

2. Will my employer have to pay the fees or make a contribution to the fees?

No. If you are offered a place fees will be paid by Imperial College Health Partners.

3. What support will I need from my colleagues and employer?

To be successful you will need to work with your employer and colleagues to identify an aspect of practice that needs improvement. In the first module you will scope possible innovations that could improve practice locally and scope the evidence base supporting those innovations. Supported by the course and working with your employer and colleagues you will identify the innovation likely to work best in your local environment. In the second module you will be supported to implement the innovation.

Innovation and improvement projects you are currently engaged or which your employer is working on can be used as the focus for this course and provides a good vehicle for your innovation project.

4. What time commitment is required for the course?

This is a Masters level course, therefore it will make additional demands on your time. Attending the study days is important to the learning programme. Additionally, you will have to read widely on the topic of your innovation to scope and evidence your innovation, to learn the skills of evaluation, economic analysis and project management and to understand the human and cultural challenges you will need to address to implement and sustain the innovation in a practice setting.

You will need to complete two assignments; one at the end of each module. As these are Masters level modules the standard of writing must be at Masters level. You will produce 5,000 words per assignment, drawing on course materials and on your own reading.

5. What support is available if I have a disability?

Buckinghamshire New University has a learning support unit and you will be able to contact staff in the unit who will provide advice and support to ensure you are not disadvantaged by your disability.

6. What if I need to take a break from the course?

It is possible to take a break between modules or to defer to the next module. However, the opportunity to complete your studies will depend on the course continuing to run in its current format.

7. Can I use the module credits towards an MSc Programme?

Yes. The two modules form part of the MSc Professional Practice at Buckinghamshire New University. Students wishing to complete this Master’s Degree will be put in touch with the Programme Leader. Masters credits from other Universities can be accredited towards this MSc. Other Universities may accept these modules towards their Masters programmes. You or employer will need to fund the fees for the top-up to Masters programme.

8. What support will I get from Imperial College Health Partners (ICHP)?

ICHP is keen to promote innovation across all our partner organisations. As part of the course, attendees will present their ideas to senior staff from ICHP who will provide advice and feedback and connect you with additional support that’s available within their networks, helping you progress your innovation.

Further information

Please contact Wendy Diplock, the Course Administrator, if you have any further questions about the course. (, Telephone: 01494 522141 ext 2801.