Learning and Development


To provide North West London (NWL) partners with learning and development opportunities, supporting them to innovate at scale in their own organisations

This means:

  • Supporting system leaders at all levels to identify, adopt and diffuse of innovation across the health and social care system in NWL
  • A dedicated environment for leaders to discuss best practice and share learnings across organisations is developed
  • A sustainable network where innovations and learnings can be shared is created


There are ever increasing time and budgetary pressures defining the healthcare landscape. It is recognised that doing things as they’ve always been done is not enough to build the type of efficiency savings required to support the NHS and its growing requirements. Programmes such as quality improvement help produce step-wise change; initiatives like New Care Models and Vanguards encourage whole-system overhaul. However, for innovation to have impact, more systematic cultures and models are required that complement QI and educational programmes. Our programme aims to address these issues.


Intrapreneur Programme
  • Deliver a programme to enable innovation eco-systems
    within organisations
Foundations of
  • Support leaders in NWL to confidently learn, share and
    understand principles of patient safety across their sector
Thought leadership
  • Build social capital across partnership
Q Improvement
  • Create a quality improvement network to support sharing
    of best practice and exposure to innovation
Clinical education module on innovation
  • Develop innovation module for post-graduate education
  • Develop module for allied health professionals and junior
  • 12 month pilot programme to use multi-skill capability
    from university partners on a ICHP or STP priority
  • Development of a long-term university consultancy offer
    across North West London

Desired Outcomes

  • Innovation is successfully embedded as a skill set throughout the NWL workforce
  • Empower senior leaders to lead organisational change and to create system wide patient safety culture through Foundation of Safety (FoS) activities
  • Patient care is improved as organisations have the ability to absorb and apply best practice more systematically
  • Space created for partners to seek and share best practice with partners and experts
  • Improve patient safety collaboration at senior levels through increased participation in FoS activities
  • Medium to long-term savings from systematic uptake of innovation