Accelerating innovation


To enable the faster adoption and diffusion of innovation across North West London (NWL) and beyond in partnership with other AHSNs.

This means:

  • Creating an enabling environment for innovators and those benefiting from innovation to
    come together

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There are formidable challenges for the NHS workforce to meet growing needs and demands with shrinking resource. To be sustainable, the NHS needs to support innovative approaches, both by providing space for targeted exploration and resource to support new ways of thinking. Providing a more favourable environment for innovations to flourish and reach patients is a central objective of AHSNs nationally. Our programme aims to address this.


Digital Health.London
  • Bring together innovators and the NHS through:
    disseminating knowledge, developing clinicians to
    articulate need to innovators, supporting industry
    navigation of procurement processes, and enabling of
    further research in digital health
Social media
  • Connect entrepreneurs with healthcare staff through
    social media, enabling clinical input from the start
Research to
practice support
  • Offer health economic, human factor and market
    intelligence analysis resource to entrepreneurs
  • Launch innovation pipeline tool to assist innovators in
    partner organisations to locate relevant funding sources
National Innovation
Accelerator (NIA)
  • Support NHS England led programme which aims to
    create conditions and cultural change necessary for
    proven innovations to be adopted faster and more
    systematically through the NHS, and to deliver examples
    into practice for patient benefit
Testing and
training facility
  • Create mobile testing and training facility in NWL to allow
    healthcare professionals to learn about, challenge and
    take away practical learnings about the use of innovative
    technologies that could provide benefits in their local
EIT Health Kit
  • Support EIT funding application(s) for ‘common mental
    and physical health’ and /or ‘share to care’
  • Join global collaboration to find digital solutions to ICHP
    member challenges

Desired Outcomes

  • Entrepreneurs and innovators understand and respond to local NHS needs
  • Associated health benefits from innovations
  • Reduction in variation of adherence to best practice
  • Space exists for partners to share best practice with one another and seek expert advise
  • Stakeholder attitudes towards innovation update are improved
  • Environment encourages systematic identification and adoption of best practice
  • Entrepreneurs (clinical and industry) can access innovation funding and support
  • Innovations are introduced into health economy