To ensure people who have sustained an acquired brain injury (ABI) in North West London (NWL) have access to the most appropriate services in a timely manner, improving wellbeing and enabling recovery.

ICHP reviewed the NWL neuro-rehabilitation landscape to identify system challenges and pressures, and is now working with partners to streamline and improve pathways.

Our programme will deliver:

  • Commissioning recommendations based on historic and prospective data provided locally and by the web based tool
  • Reduced transfer of care delays between care settings
  • Reduced average inpatient neuro-rehabilitation length of stay
  • Reduced time between patient referral and assessment
  • Standardised referral paperwork for clinicians
  • Increased identification of opportunities to step down care where possible



Web based referral tool
  • Develop electronic tool facilitating referral process from acute wards, inpatient neuro-rehabilitation units and onwards to community services

  • Provide standardised time frames for service admission and produce a coherent data set to aid future neuro-rehabilitation service commissioning
  • Implementing neuro-navigator role
  • Fund and deploy two neuro-navigators, based on the Barnet model which demonstrates value for money and optimised patient experience, to support patient access to appropriate services
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