To support the development of clinical information being available at the point of care in North West London (NWL).

This means:

  • Patients and clinicians can contribute to and interact with their medical records
  • Clinicians can easily access diagnostic and treatment information at the point of care

Our programme will deliver:

  • Increased service user, partner and project CIE participation through Patients Know Best
  • Adoption and implementation of roadmap to share care records and paperless working
  • Co-ordination between clinicians and care professionals, delivering safer care and management of long term conditions
  • Economic development through development of commercial products to improve patient outcomes



Care Information Exchange Project (CIE)
  • Support the development of a collaborative, cross-system portal (Patients Know Best) to allow exchange of care information between primary, acute, mental health and social care providers. Patients will have primary control of how information is shared, further driving collaborative care.
Strategic plan for post-Care Information Exchange (CIE)
  • Develop strategic business case for the continuation of interoperable care records in NWL beyond initial CIE initiative funding. This will include:
    1. Assessment of NWL digital maturity
    2. Development of a ‘roadmap’ to achieve paperless working and interoperability across the area by 2020
    3. Scouting and procurement of interoperable point of care IT system on behalf of NWL care providers