Accountable Care Partnerships


To provide capability-building support to organisations in North West London (NWL) planning to become new Accountable Care Partnerships.

This means:

  • Developing partner organisations’ capability to move towards ACP care model
  • Providing formal and informal learning opportunities to discuss and exchange ACP development
  • Supporting the development of national system enablers which foster ACP model
  • Facilitating the integration of academia into health payer / provider system



There are mounting financial pressures on the NHS and traditional care models may not be fit for the future. One particular structural reform that has been advocated is to align incentives across care providers better and move towards a stronger outcomes focus through Accountable Care Partnership (ACP) models. Leadership representatives across the ICHP and UCLP geography have expressed an interest in receiving training and support for moving towards ACP models of care. This programme will be delivered jointly by ICHP and UCLP.


Learning sets
  • Deliver regular learning sets to support peer to peer
    learning across NWL and North East London (NEL)
Dissemination of
international best
  • Host network events where leaders are exposed to
    international best practice
Capacity and
capability support
  • Provide coaching and training for systems leaders to
    develop skills needed for transformation

Desired Outcomes

  • NWL workforce have necessary skills to run ACPs successfully
  • Improved outcomes for targeted population(s)
  • Social care and NHS providers collaborate
  • ACP best practice models from abroad (e.g. Sweden, Netherlands, Germany) are introduce, localised and applied (as appropriate)
  • Savings are realised through bundled and capitated payment systems

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