Patients and public

  • How does ICHP work with patients and the public?

    By working with patients and members of the public, we are able help our partners provide the best possible care and health outcomes for the people of North West London.

    Our partners include NHS providers (hospitals, mental health and community services), clinical commissioning groups (GP-led bodies responsible for buying healthcare services on behalf of their local population) and leading universities.

    Unlike most of our partners, we do not provide a direct service to people. Instead, we bring together our partners (including patients and members of the public) to empower the adoption and diffusion innovation across a range of health and social care areas.

    Our work with patients and patient groups is guided by both best practice research and our own interviews with stakeholders. You can read more about this work below:

How can I get involved?

Patients and the public can get involved with our work programmes in a number of ways, ranging from giving feedback on materials and answering surveys, becoming a member of our Patient Safety Champion Network or participating in co-design workshops with clinicians.

ICHP offers reimbursement for time and expenses for people taking part in our programmes. You can read more about how this works in ourParticipation Payment Principles. A sample expense form is also available online to view.

Visit our Current Opportunities page to see which projects need support. If you have any questions about the opportunities, or ICHP’s work with patients and the public, please send your question to

  • Current

    Find out about the current opportunities for patients and public to work with us

  • Patient and Public Participation Framework

    How we conduct patient and public engagement in North West London.

  • Participation Payment

    These principles detail how patients and the public will be reimbursed for their time and out-of-pocket

  • Interactive Patient and Public Participation Tool

    This tool supports our partners, project managers and stakeholders to use best practice when involving patients and the public in their work.