Springboard Challenge

  1. Launching Pad

World renowned researchers, research funders, industry executives, and government officials are coming together at the new  Francis Crick Institute in London on 27 March.

The World Neuroscience Innovation Forum marks the beginning of a new way of approaching neuroscience. Consider emerging concepts and ideas in R&D, learn new points of view, and explore the potential of current and future technology.

$150,000 is going to be given away with the launch of the Springboard Challenge at the World Neuroscience Innovation Forum this March.

Imperial College Health Partners are sponsors so make sure you’re part of this great event, and maybe even win a prize to address an unmet need in neuroscience!

You may also use the code HLGGBP30 at checkout for a 30% discount on event tickets. Click here for a special discount in GBP. 

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