Call to Action: Frugal Innovation to Improve Surgical Outcomes

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We need clinicians and procurement leads in North West London to get involved with developing a series of ‘frugal innovations‘.

Ultimately, we aim to pilot one or more of the innovations and understand any barriers to implementation.

Frugal innovation simply means taking an established tool or habit and developing a new and more cost effective way of using it – reducing resource requirements, costs and improving outcomes.

We are currently looking at six frugal innovations:

  • Arbutus Medical Drill Cover: a reusable, sterilisable cover used in place of a surgical drill;
  • Surgical Mesh from Mosquito Nets:  commercial mosquito net as alternative to synthetic meshes in hernia repair operations;
  • MyRecovery Mobile App: a digital companion to patients to provide tailored information regarding all aspects of patient care before and after surgery;
  • Odon Device for Assisted Birth Delivery: novel technique to assist birth delivery when complications occur during labour;
  • Portable, Power-free Steriliser: Rugged case equipped with nitrogen dioxide gas for fast sterilisation of medical equipment in operating rooms without electricity;
  • Proximie Web Platform: allows surgeons to lead or help with operations, in real time, remotely from anywhere in the world.

If you are interested in finding out more about the frugal innovations or getting involved in the programme of work please get in touch by completing this short form. (The deadline for involvement in this project has passed. Please get in touch for further information.)

This work forms part of our broader programme integrating learning from the World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) with partners in North West London.


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