Kenny Ajayi

Programme Lead - Patient Safety

Kenny AjayiKenny was appointed as Programme Lead-Patient Safety at Imperial College Health Partners in July 2016. He is responsible for ensuring that partners set and pursue clear objectives for improving patient safety, based on the recommendations of the National Safety Advisory Group (Berwick Report) of 2013. His role also involves driving change and innovation in patient safety across the health and social care system in North West London.

Earlier in his career, Kenny was a physiotherapist and he later held roles in clinical ergonomics and human factors in the NHS and local authority. Prior to joining the partnership, he held a director role in a consultancy providing risk management services to the NHS, local authorities and the private sector. He has two Masters degrees, firstly in ergonomics and human factors from University College London and secondly, in Integrated Governance in Healthcare.
Kenny brings a range of public sector as well as commercial and consulting experience to the partnership.