Andi Orlowski

Head of Business Intelligence

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Andrzei (Andi) Orlowski joined Imperial College Health Partners as Head of Business Intelligence in December 2016. His work ranges from uncovering health inequalities and opportunities to improve NHS services, to helping SMEs and larger healthcare private companies better understand their market and how to best access it.

Through his work Andi collaborates across the AHSN network and works closely with Public Health England. Andi endeavours to create equitable, timely and easily interpretable access to these data sets to the broadest group of stakeholders as possible. He is responsible for leading the creation of the AF Landscape Tool.

Andi is also a Senior Population Health Analytics Advisor at NHS England. In this role Andi works with the New Care Models team to support Vanguards and Pioneers in their plans to deliver care by providing advice through the Population Health Analytics Network led by Geraint Lewis (Chief Data Officer NHS England).

Andi is currently studying for his Masters in Health Economics, Policy and Management at the London School of Economics (LSE).