Our people

Imperial College Health Partners is composed of a core team responsible for managing our work programme, a Partnership Board who determine our programme priorities, and an Advisory Council (formerly the Expert Advisory Board) who provide support and challenge for our organisation.

Core team

Our work plan is managed by a core team who have a broad range of skills and experiences and who are responsible for managing the work of Imperial College Health Partners.

Partnership board

Imperial College Health Partners is governed by a Partnership Board. Its members represent the 20 partner organisations from across North West London. The Partnership Board has the power to make all executive decisions including appointing new members, setting the annual membership fee and agreeing investment decisions.

Our Partnership Board meets a minimum of twice a year to evaluate progress and discuss new opportunities. As well as the formal Partnership Board we hold a number of other Board related and Partnership events to which all partners are invited.

Advisory Council (formerly Expert Advisory Board)

Imperial College Health Partners is supported by an Advisory Council, which meets twice a year. This small group of prestigious and esteemed international experts in health, industry and commerce provide advice, support and challenge to the strategic direction of the Partnership. In particular, board members have an expert knowledge on the collaboration between the NHS and industry.